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TempAction® LCD recorder is a single use temperature monitor with LCD screen which measures and records temperature conditions for cold chain.

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Product Description

The Tempaction single use LCD USB PDF temperature data logger is a kind of temperature real time cold chain data logger with lcd display, especially designed for monitoring the distribution of and storage of food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other perishable items. Single - use temperature readings are saved throughout the entire duration of the measurement program. Factory pre-programmed plug & play technology generates a comprehensive PDF report without the need for proprietary software or interface. LCD screen will display the data and mode when use the cold chain data logger.


Measurement Range

-30°C to 70°C (-22°F to 158°F)


±0.5 ℃/0.9℉


0.1 ℃/℉

Alarm Threshold Settings

Default upper 30°C to lower 0°C, or cold chain 2 - 8°C, etc.

Customizable settings



Memory Capacity

42,000 logged data points

Recording Cycle

Up to 360days

Data Report

Automatic PDF Report

Monitoring Type

Single-use (Multi-use type optional)


IP67 (with Seal-bag)

Shelf Life

2 years


Ultra-low power consumption, recording time up to over 1 year

  • Design with waterproof IP64 housing and back 3M adhesive, easy to place.

    Acceptable for IP67 seal-bag packing, 3M adhesive at outside of the bag.

  • 2 years battery life, 43,000 data points memory, ups to 360 days recording cycle.

  • Software free, plug and play, automatic PDF data report.

  • Product unique ID, easy to trace the product trace

  • LCD screen real-time display the data and status.

Usage Instruction

1.Start recording

  Press and hold the start/stop button for 5 seconds in standby mode .the data logger enters in start delay time mode (screen display “delay”). The data logger will automatically start recording after a delayed time(screen display “Rec “)

2.Stop recording

Press and hold the start/stop button for 5 seconds in recording mode to stop recording data(screen display “Stop”)

3.Data reading

Insert the data logger into the the USB port of the computer,and open the U flash disk “PDF Disk” - PDF files to reading the data 


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