TempAction USB Temperature Data Logger TempAction USB Temperature Data Logger

TempAction® USB temperature recorder is an efficient cold chain monitoring solution that measures and records when a product has been exposed to temperature conditions beyond a specified range.

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Product Description

TempAction Mini PDF Data Logger is a plug and play temperature recorder that is ideal for temperature monitoring and recording during the distribution and storage of food and fruit, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other perishable products. Receivers around the world can easily access trip reports as soon as a shipment arrives.



  • Hold the button 5s till the OK light flash for 5 times that means Lock-Real has been started
  • Tear off the barcode
  • Hold the button 5s and until the alarm light flash for 5 times that means LockReal has been stopped
  • Connect the recorder with USB into computer ,will automatically  generate a PDF report for temperature recorder  


Measurement Range

-30°C to 70°C (-22°F to 158°F)


±0.5 ℃/0.9℉


0.1 ℃/℉

Alarm Threshold Settings

Default upper 30°C to lower 0°C, or cold chain 2 - 8°C, etc.

Customizable settings

Real-time Alarm

Red LED will flash every 10 seconds if the temperature has been out of range 

Memory Capacity

42,000 logged data points

Recording Cycle

Up to 360days

Data Report

Automatic PDF Report

Monitoring Type

Single-use (Multi-use type optional)


IP67 (with Seal-bag)

Shelf Life

2 years


  • Chemicals


  • Raw and cooked meats
  • Fresh Flowers


  • Medical specimens
  • Pharmaceutical


  • Chocolate

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