WDJ Temp Indicator WDJ Temp Indicator

WDJ Thermochromic sticker is a series of temperature test labels that will permanently record the highest temperature reached by the label.

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Product Description

WDJ series thermometer-type temperature monitoring stickers have the unique color-changing temperature indication function. These self-adhesive labels consist of a series of temperature-sensitive elements sealed between heat-resistant substrates with transparent windows, that can permanently record the highest temperature exceeded, and it's irreversible.


These temperature indicator labels used to monitor the temperature of the contact points of the equipment and the surface of the object, and can be used in electricity, railways, and medical treatment, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Once the monitored temperature reaches or exceeds a certain temperature point on the sticker, the point on the sticker immediately changes from white to black. When the temperature rises to a higher temperature monitoring point, the monitoring point also changes from white to black, change color in turn, just like a thermometer.


Contact us for more details of all regular models, or custom the temperature range.


Temperature Range

37°C to 160°C


±1°C at less than 100°C , ±1.5°C at greater than 100°C

Color Change

White to Black, and other colors


Back adhesive


PE film, back cardboard, acrylic adhesive, non toxic color change material, etc

Shelf Life

2 years

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